Presslock Grating type P


Under high pressure, transverse cross bars are pressed into bearing bars that are conically slotted. The high pressure insertion of the transverse bar into the conically slotted bearing bars guarantees a firm, rigid grating structure



OG Presslock gratings are produced in construction depths from 20-70mm and thicknesses from 2-3 mm. The maximum production
Width (transverse bar length) is 2000mm and Span (bearing bar length) is 2500mm.




OG Presslock gratings can be bound with T-profile binding bars or flat bar material. Special bindings such as toe-plate, angle or square pipe, can be applied as necessary.



OG Presslock gratings are galvanised in accordance with ISO1461.


Surface Treatment

OG Presslock gratings can be supplied with powder coating finish to standard RAL colours.





Types of Serration

Type PA

Bearing and transverse bar serrated

Type PAD

Bearing bar serrated

Type PAV

Transverse bar serrated